Conference Interpreting and Translation

Diplom-Dolmetscher (equivalent to an MA) in Interpreting Studies
German (A) <> English (B) / Spanish (B)


Ms Bartsch has interpreted at many international management meetings of the Stiebel Eltron Group. She turns up every time very well prepared, well-versed in the challenging technical subject matter and displaying great professionalism throughout. When our technical director, who is renowned for both the technically-complicated content of his presentations as well as his high-speed delivery thereof, steps onto the stage, all eyes turn with sympathy to the interpreting booth; however, Ms Bartsch interprets every time without mistake, displaying a consummate level of concentration. She also has a wonderfully charming manner, which together with her expert knowledge delights owners, management and employees alike. We would always select Ms Bartsch for the job and can highly recommend her.
Katrin Pfannkuche, Stiebel Eltron GmbH & CoKG
I am very familiar with Ms Bartsch’s work from the field of financial investment; at the many events she has worked at, she has arrived excellently prepared for the challenging specialist terminology and conveyed the intended meaning into the respective target language in a concentrated and precise fashion. In this she always makes a strong contribution to the overall smooth running of things. She handles the various speeds of large groups of participants in a composed and unflustered manner, while at all times maintaining an overview of proceedings and making sure that no important statement gets lost. Not least, it should be noted that she has always ensured that the proper technology and equipment was on hand, so providing an all-round service. Based on my experiences I can unreservedly recommend her for simultaneous translation work.